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Yuka Takechi Composer

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Yuka Takechi   Composer, PhD 


Yuka Takechi has forged a unique career as a Japanese composer at the highest level.

Her composition's repertoires are wide and it is covered from orchestra, chamber, choir, works for traditional Japanese instruments to the collaboration works with contemporary arts and architectures.

The idea of her composition is based on cognition of time and space, and transforming elements from within genres of Japanese traditional music such as Shomyo, Gagaku and Noh.

The works are highly acclaimed especially on account of its refined and sonorous color palette.


Yuka's works have been performed throughout Europe, Japan, the USA and Russia on occasions such as the International Zagreb Music Biennale to the Tanglewood Music Festival of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Leading orchestras and musicians, such as the London Sinfonietta, the Royal Scottish Symphony, the New Juilliard Ensemble, the New Japan Philharmonic, the Tokyo City Philharmonic, the Tokyo Philharmonic, the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Bach Collegium Japan

etc have performed her compositions.

Yuka's works have also been broadcasted by NHK and BBC3 Music Matters etc.

Also Yuka's works incorporating Japanese traditional instruments have been performed by the leading Japanese exponents such as Mayumi Miyata (sho), Sukeyasu Shiba (ryuteki),Yoko Nishi (Koto) and Hidejiro Honjo ( Sangen) such as venues at the National Theatre in Tokyo

and Carnegie Hall in NY. 


She was awarded numerous prestigious awards in Japan such as

the1st Suntory Music Prize/Keizo Saji Prize by her third orchestral work Loin bien loin

premiered by Maestro Kazushi Ono (Opera National de Lyon, France) in 2002,

the Kanagawa Cultural Prize (2009) for her orchestral work Eaux Lumieres Temps,

commissioned for the Yokohama port opening 150th anniversary.

The work was runner-up at the NHK Symphony Orchestra’s Otaka Prize (2010).
She received the Japan Contemporary Art Encouragement Prize (2007) for the large scale ritualistic work “Saigyo Mandala” for Gagaku and Shomyo commissioned by the International Kanagawa Arts Festival, whose artistic director is Toshi Ichiyanagi,

and the Muramatsu Music Prize.


Yuka received her B.Mus and M.Mus in composition at the first-class honors at the Tokyo University of Arts and Music (Geidai), studied composition under Jo Kondo.

She was an arts fellow at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in the US where she studied and collaborated with Arata Isozaki (Architect) and Yuji Takahashi (Composer/ Pianist),

a composition fellow at the Tanglewood Music Festival under Gorge Benjamin (2003),

a selected research composer at IRCAM in Paris (2005) coached by Philippe Schoeller.


She received her PhD at the Royal Academy of Music (2010)

supervised by Simon Bainbridge under a full scholarship.

During her years in RAM, she also studied at the Juilliard School where she had lessons

by Milton Babbitt.

She was an Artist of the Agency for Cultural Affairs overseas by the Japanese Government and

received such awards as the Nomura Cultural Award, the Japan Foundation.

She was also appointed an Associated Royal Academy of Music (ARAM).

Upcoming engagements include a commission from Keiko Urushihara (Violin) and Kiyoshi Somura (Guitar), Reflet Blue. Winter Light for Piano commissioned for Toru Takemitsu Memorial concert series has been premiered by Kotaro Fukuma (Piano) in Tokyo, Germany and Poland in 2015-18, a new commissioned large scale work for Koto, Singers and Shakuhachi - Fragments from Shakespeare has been premiered at the National Theatre Tokyo in 2016.

Many of new works have been premiered such as;

Meta Wind for Shamisen premiered by Hidejiro Honjyo ,Tokyo Metropolitan Arts Foundation commission 2019,

Nofretete for Piano, Royal Academy of Music Bicentenary commission 2020,

Bach Homaggio for Harpsichord and Organ, commissioned by the Sainokuni Arts Theatre has been premiered by Naoya Otsuka, Bach Collegium Japan 2022.


Yuka taught composition and music theories as a Research Associate Professor at Wakayama University and an invited Lecture of the Royal Welsh College of Music&Drama in UK 2012-14 and Tokyo University of Arts where she teaches composition and lead the lecture with London based Toki String Quartet in 2012. She was an invited composer and a chair panel at New York Summit organized by Columbia University in 2013.

She is also a translator of Mahler Symphony No.6 by Edition Eulenburg, and officiated as an interviewer at “Japanese Composer Series” of Naxos Label.




作曲家 武智由香の新しいホームページが間もなく開設されます


武智由香 ショートプロフィール















第一回サントリー音楽賞・佐治敬三賞(オーケストラの為の「Loin, bien, loin」大野和士指揮 総合受賞)(2002)、



(オーケストラの為の「Eaux Lumieres Temps」横浜開港150周年記念委嘱)。

2019年、英国ロイヤルアカデミーが顕彰するARAM Award を受賞。



米国コロンビア大学委嘱「Indra’s Net」(2012)、

神奈川国際芸術フェスティバル委嘱「声明と雅楽 西行マンダラ」(2007-09)、




近年では、2016年 武満徹没後20周年記念・福間洸太朗リサイタル委嘱(彩の国芸術劇場)「Winter Light/ Ephemera (冬日・蜉蝣)」初演、

2017年 ロンドンのDaiwa Foundation 主催「Yuka Takechi "Creating Future of the Tradition"」レクチャー公演

18年 英国のToru Takemitsu Society委嘱「Reflet Blue」英国初演、BBC Radio3 Music Mattersに出演。


The Kings Singers キングスシンガーズのメンバーによる「Hyo-haku (漂泊)」英国初演。

20年 Trinity College of Music, Contemporary Piano Festival  委嘱UK初演、三絃の本條秀慈郎の委嘱「Meta Wind」初演収録、

21年 英国王立音楽院Royal Academy of Music の創立200周年記念委嘱で「Nofretete」初演と収録、

また山田流箏のための「リルケの詩による Rose」下野戸亜弓(箏)の委嘱初演収録。

22年 彩の国芸術劇場主催公演・バッハ平均律シリーズ最終回への委嘱作品、チェンバロとオルガンの為の「Bach Homaggio Prelude I」が




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